What we do

Be the premiere Canadian institute, with global perspectives, developing and disseminating best practices for refugees and refugee claimants in the continuum of migration and settlement.  Equip healthcare providers and settlement workers through education, advocacy and research with the goal of achieving the best refugee settlement outcomes.


Implement the North American Refugee Health Conference, which brings together multi-disciplinary experts in refugee health and settlement from Canada and across the globe, to develop and discuss challenges, and solutions to optimize refugee health and settlement.

Define, formulate, and evaluate research in refugee health and settlement, and foster Canadian and international research collaborations and networking among scholars, service providers, policymakers, and refugee community advocates.

Promote refugee health by adopting a multidisciplinary approach that brings together experts in settlement, clinical practice, health, mental health, housing and employment and other determinants of health. Facilitate the establishment of standards, policies and best practices relating to health and settlement of refugees arriving in Canada.

Educate health providers and settlement workers on specific vulnerable refugee populations, including women, children and 2SLGBTQIA+ persons.

Educate health providers and settlement workers to build the capacity of refugees to advocate for themselves, taking into account structural competency and culturally appropriate care.

Develop and disseminate guidelines and best practices for refugee service providers. Advocate for better health and social outcomes for refugees by upholding human rights and fair practices.


Plan and execute the North American Refugee Health Conference (NARHC) every 2 years.

Educate and equip healthcare providers and settlement workers by developing and delivering web-based programming including: webinars, workshops, discussion groups and a repository for educational material focused on refugee health and settlement.

Provide health education advice to service providers.