Who we are

About NARHC Inc.

North American Refugee Health Conference (NARHC) Inc. is a Canadian non-profit organization serving the refugee community in North America and globally. It is the transformation of the Canadian-based NARHC which had its inception in 2009, founded by Dr. Anna Banerji. To increase our mandate, we have expanded to become NARHC Inc.

NARHC Inc. engages with refugees and refugee claimants, governmental and non-governmental organizations, medical institutions, educational institutions and research institutes.

Board of Directors

Dr. Anna Banerji

Anna Banerji
Executive Director

Dr. Vanig Garabedian

Vanig Garabedian
Board Chair

Shelina Shiviji

Shelina Shivji
Board Vice-Chair

Assunta Marcolongo

Glenn Kushla

Glen Kushla

Sahar Bahadi

Sahar Bahadi

Sheikh Muhammad Zeeshan Qadar

Sheikh Muhammad Zeeshan Qadar