Shelina Shivji

Shelina Shivji

Shelina Shivji is a creative Change Facilitator.  Among other credentials from several accredited Canadian institutions, she holds a Masters in Conflict Analysis and Management with a concentration in Community and Schools. 

For past 30 plus years, through multiple volunteer and professional roles, Shelina has had extensive practice in the areas of Human Empowerment and Social Development. Her work ethic is grounded in the approach of multidisciplinary/integrated service delivery models.  

Shelina is currently employed with the Ministry of Solicitor General Ontario, in the Community Service Sector. 

She recently completed an eight-year term as a Board Director at TNO – The Neighbourhood Organization, five of which were as Board Chair/President. 

TNO is a community-based, multi location, multi-service agency in Ontario, Canada, since 1985. Providing Social Services, as well as primary care, and related linkages for refugees and newcomers to Canada are integral components of this organizations service delivery model.

During her tenure as the Board Chair/President from 2018 – 2023, Shelina led the organization through multiple significant milestones. Some of these include, serving the needs of multiple communities through the Covid –19 pandemic. As well as, responding to and serving the needs that arose with the arrival and settlement of refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine.